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What river ends in Cairo? April 20, 2010

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The Nile you say?  It seems simple doesn’t it.  Truth be told the Nile River ends in a large delta area that dumps into the Mediteranean Sea.  So what river ends in Cairo?

Well, it’s the (less) exotic Ohio River!  The Ohio River joins the Mississippi River in Cairo, Illinois.  While the Ohio River does not have the distinction of being the longest river in the world, it is the largest tributary, in terms of volume, of the Mighty Mississippi.

If you think Cairo, Illinois is a strange town name, then you should check out China, Maine (which claims to be the “friendliest town in Maine” so maybe you really should make the trip).

UPDATED: Amanda learns is apparently unhappy with the promotion of Maine (the way life should be) or more importantly, the exclusion of Colorado (the “Highest State”).  If you’re looking for a strangely named Colorado locale, look no further than Dinosaur, Colorado!  Where there are really (long dead and fossilized) dinosaurs!

Ohio River info here!


4 Responses to “What river ends in Cairo?”

  1. I don’t know that I approve of your shamless Maine plug.

  2. Martufo Says:


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