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Critical Corner: Open Sesame May 21, 2010

Filed under: Annoying things,Criticism — Amanda @ 10:29 AM

Dear Dunkin Donuts,

This is a sad excuse for a sesame bagel:

Epic Fail




3 Responses to “Critical Corner: Open Sesame”

  1. Kori Learns Says:

    Dear Amanda Learns,

    I wanted to say I am deeply sorry for your loss of delicious breakfast hopes this morning. I am appalled by the bagel you received from Dunkin Donuts, which by the way is clearly not boiled as a proper bagel should. Dunkin Donuts should be ashamed of itself for trying to pawn off that holeless mass of dough as a “bagel.” I can only hope your next bagel will be better.

    Kori Learns

  2. Pallie Says:

    Dear Amanda Learns,

    I am also feel deeply sorry for loss. It reconfirms my concerns with the Dunkin brand and how the company spends their money. On the train to work last week I noticed a poster that was poorly advertising the bagel twist. It said “Twist your taste buds.” Have the taste of the bagels gone downhill so badly that we must change our taste buds to enjoy a bagel twist?! I truly hope the world has not come to that.

    May your next bagel covered in the happiness of sesame seeds.


  3. Amanda Learns Says:

    Thank you, dear friends for feeling my pain and being supportive during this trying time.

    Your’s truly,

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