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Crossword Puzzles May 27, 2010

Wednesday May 27, 2010
Best clue ever: Where cabs live? 
Answer: wine cellars

NY Times Crossword 5/27/10

Tuesday May 25, 2010
Do you know what a yegg is?  Yeah, neither did we, but we still won.   Click here to discover yegg.

NY Times Crossword 5/25/10


Monday May 24, 2010
Yummm, cherrie’s jubilee.
Monday May 17, 2010
Today’s crossword seemed like a breeze at first.  We were flying through it, until it came down to the final 2 clues:
28 Across: Card game for two
3 Down: Horace’s “Ars __”
Luckily, Christopholis made a couple of good guesses with “Ecarte” and “Poetica.”  VICTORY!  

NY Times Crossword 5/17/10


Tuesday May 11, 2010
Victory today, but only due to some last minute epiphanies by Amandalearns.  Yeah, I’m a genius.

NY Times Crossword 5/11/10


Monday May 10, 2010
Today’s crossword took just over half an hour to complete. It would have been much faster had we not hit a snag regarding the correct spelling of Hernando Cortez, a peculiar name fr air polution, and Korilearns’ sloppy writing of the letter “E.”

NY Times Crossword 5/10/10


Tuesday May 4, 2010
Today was a close one.  We had “bloops in one” as an answer to 49 across until the very last minute when we figured “bloop single” made more sense (duh!) and then we were able to finish the puzzle.  Win!  We also only ate 3 pieces of pizza each today.  Win!

NY Times Crossword 5/4/10


Monday May 3, 2010        

Today’s puzzle was a bit of a disappointment.  Usually one of the clues is clever enough to elicit a giggle or two out of us, but not today.  Show us the clever!  Sad face.

NY Times Crossword 5/3/10


Tuesday April 27, 2010
Sure, we didn’t know what a “veldt” was, but that doesn’t mean  we didn’t still win!  Click here to see our post on “veldt.”

NY Times Crossword April 27, 2010


Monday April 26, 2010
We finished today’s crossword in 11 minutes!   This is our best time ever.

NY Times Crossword 4/26/10


Wednesday April 21, 2010
We would like to thank Martufo for her contributions to today’s puzzles.  Without her knowledge of Greek mythical woodland creatures, none of this would have been possible.

NY Times Crossword April 21, 2010



2 Responses to “Crossword Puzzles”

  1. martufo Says:

    happy to be part of team C+!

  2. […] Crossword Puzzles   […]

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